Collaborative hypnosis
for artists, writers & performers


Hypnosis can help artists, writers, and creators of all disciplines to:

Get rid of creative blocks

Overcome doubts and worries

Create with authenticity

Perform with confidence

Discover new direction

Generate inspiring ideas

Be more productive

Find freedom of expression


What’s keeping you from your best creative flow?

Are you ready to embark on the adventure of exploring your undiscovered creative resources?

Collaborative hypnosis can help you to tap into the power of your subconscious mind in focused ways and result in lasting improvements. Creative life can sometimes be burdened with worries and doubts. Hypnosis is a rapid tool to make positive changes in effortless ways, leading you to enjoy life and freeing you to create the work that’s been waiting within you.

Sometimes just a small shift on a subconscious level is all that’s needed, and suddenly a whole new world of creative possibilities opens up for you. You’ll wake up in the morning full of newly found inspiration!

You are the creative potential in your life. Take your next step.


When everyday life seems to keep you from your creative work.

Results can happen very rapidly when you fully engage with the collaborative hypnosis sessions that I guide through. You’ll learn to focus your awareness and shape the states of your mind with innovative exercises and creative thought experiments.

Hypnosis for:
– Overcoming creative blocks
– Increasing creative flow and inspiration
– Discovering hidden talents
– Prioritising and productivity



Explore the deeper levels of your creativity to discover fresh direction and feel inspired about life.

I’ll help you to connect with the rich symbolism in your subconscious mind and shape your personal metaphors into empowering tools to transform your creative life. Revealing the hidden imagery of your mind in itself can spur you to become more productive. You’ll literally find your reality shifting.

Hypnosis for:
– Motivation, stress relief
– Past interfering with future
– Lack of confidence, self-doubt


If chronic pain or long covid has made your creative work difficult, or if unwanted habits sap your energy and inspiration, I can help.

I’ll guide you to harness the powerful resources within your subconscious mind, so that solutions can become available to you rapidly. Collaborative hypnosis is a safe, empowering, freeing experience where releasing what bothers you can happen much easier than through logical thinking and willpower alone.

Hypnosis for:
– Chronic pain, long covid
– Unhelpful behaviours
– Emotional patterns, fears and worries

Hello, I’m Mia

What’s your creative goal?

I know the ups and downs of the creative life intimately, having worked as an artist for nearly 30 years. My interest in the workings of the imagination and the role of the subconscious mind in the creative process also led me to train as a hypnotherapist.

Through working with hypnosis I have personally tapped into an endless flow of creative ideas, dissolving creative blocks and igniting inspiration whenever needed. Because these methods and processes that have made such a huge difference to me, it’s my passion now to share them with you.

I work collaboratively with you, whether you’re an artist, writer, performer or a creative in any discipline. You may be a seasoned professional or just starting out. Or you want to get back into creative pursuits after life got in the way. Whatever point you’re at on your creative path, I can help you to achieve your full creative potential.

Send me a message and introduce yourself.


N.J. says:

“I was surprised about noticing how comfortable the sessions are – very deep reaching, rich in detail and effective, and yet I feel totally safe, secure and ‘in control’.”

E. R. says:

“Initially I wanted to address a creative block, but it turned out that I had to dig a little deeper to resolve the issues that created the difficulties to go with my creative flow. With Mia’s competent and intuitive help we managed to find out and tackle the underlying issues in a total of three sessions. The sessions were absolutely extraordinary.”

contd. - E. R. says:

“I was very relaxed but fully present, so I didn’t feel out of control or vulnerable. Her professional and empathic approach combined with her intuitive and flexible session design is most beneficial. It is amazing how quickly Mia tunes into the workings of the subconscious and her razor sharp observations about what needs nudging and attention is astounding.”

J. R. says:

“The sessions were very impressive, calming and after each time I felt more in control of what I’m capable of doing. I would absolutely recommend to give it a chance. It’s difficult to explain but somehow everything feels so naturally easy after these sessions. Like if you are able to make the right decisions without any struggle.”

M. R. says:

“I felt that I was in safe hands and her calm and gentle voice helped me to feel at ease straight away. I would say to try it out and keep an open mind, because it worked for me and it could work for you too.”

M. A. says:

“Our session opened up some kind of Well of Creativity for me. I realised afterwards how I have all types of stories within me, all I need to do is let them free. The keyboard has been on fire with a lot of writing being born. Thank you again.”

E. W. says:

“I found the session very relaxing, but also very powerful and I felt weirdly emotional during the session. At one point I even had a little cry because of the overwhelming sensations and feelings that the session was evoking in me. Afterwards I felt calm, positive and de-stressed. “

K. P. says:

“Mia quickly put me at ease. The session was relaxing, definitely a lovely way to have some me-time! I felt refreshed and awake, like I would have had a nap afterwards!”

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