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Can you imagine the day you’d like to wake up to?

If you want to . . .

Feel calm and confident

Release fears or unhelpful habits

Sleep better and dream better

Get relief from chronic pain

Discover new inspiration and direction in life

I can help you train your mind to release what has been holding you back so you can feel at ease wherever you are. What has been bothering you is replaced with peace of mind, confidence and inspired action.

By harnessing the power of your mind and its hidden capabilities in focused ways, you’ll discover a renewed enthusiasm about the future, tapping into your full potential.

Feeling empowered in your own headspace makes all the difference.

I know how to guide you to that place.

Hello, I’m Mia

What result would you like
to create in your life?

I train people to use their imagination in solution-focused ways to transform their life.

My tried and tested methods are based on research and practical applications of neuroscience, clinical hypnotherapy and art pedagogy – they are useful and effective, giving you not only a transformative experience but tools for life.

Without having to endlessly discuss your problems or open up to me about any private matters in your life, I’ll guide you through gentle yet effective ways to feel better, while you maintain your privacy.

If you don’t usually reach out for guidance, contacting me might be the decision that makes all the difference. Even just one quick session can propel you onwards and provide relief for an issue you’ve been putting up with so far. Or simply to gain clarity on your direction and feel inspired about life again.

Send me a quick message and describe what you would like to have happen in your life (or even if you’re not quite sure what you want!)

Your next step can be that easy.

You are the decisive force in your life. Choose your next step.


You are capable of shifting your experience about any situation.

I can help you to train your mind to work for you rather than against you, and results can happen very rapidly when you fully engage with the exercises I guide you with. You’ll learn to consciously shape your emotional states through innovative mind exercises, thought experiments and natural, coherent breathing methods, all designed to focus your awareness in new ways to create your desired results. I can guide you to effortlessly move from here to your chosen success.

Specialist topics:
– Support in life transitions, motivation and confidence
– Pre-surgery mindset and post-surgery recovery, role of the mind in healing from injuries
– Increasing creative flow, dissolving creative blocks, discovering hidden talents



Explore the deeper levels of your mind to find solutions and create a better life.

Are you stuck in a rut or battling with negative thoughts? Maybe you’re held hostage by food cravings? I can help you to connect with the metaphors of your subconscious mind and shape them into empowering tools to transform your relationship with yourself, so you can create a better future. By altering and shaping the imagery of your mind, you’ll find your reality shifting – your life brightens up, and you’ll feel empowered to choose what to focus on in the next chapter of your life.

Specialist topics:
– Disruptive thoughts / ‘busy’ mind
– Past interfering with future
– Nightmares, sleep / dream issues
– Motivation, inspiration, creative flow


Release unhelpful emotional patterns, find relief from chronic pain and discover powerful inner resources.

If you have tried to get rid of your problem with no luck so far, it is likely to have its roots below your conscious awareness.

I can guide you to connect with the powerful resources within your own mind to solve what needs solving. Throughout our sessions you never lose control of your mental faculties, but instead learn what hypnosis feels like to you and how to use it as a tool to improve your life. It is an empowering, freeing experience where releasing what bothers you can happen much easier than with willpower alone.

Specialist topics:
– Emotional challenges
– Fears and phobias
– Chronic pain
– Lack of willpower, unhelpful behaviours
– Creativity, clarity, confidence


N.J. says:

“I was surprised about noticing how comfortable the sessions are – very deep reaching, rich in detail and effective, and yet I feel totally safe, secure and ‘in control’.”

E. R. says:

“Initially I wanted to address a creative block, but it turned out that I had to dig a little deeper to resolve the issues that created the difficulties to go with my creative flow. With Mia’s competent and intuitive help we managed to find out and tackle the underlying issues in a total of three sessions. The sessions were absolutely extraordinary.”

contd. - E. R. says:

“I was very relaxed but fully present, so I didn’t feel out of control or vulnerable. Her professional and empathic approach combined with her intuitive and flexible session design is most beneficial. It is amazing how quickly Mia tunes into the workings of the subconscious and her razor sharp observations about what needs nudging and attention is astounding.”

K. P. says:

“Mia quickly put me at ease. The session was relaxing, definitely a lovely way to have some me-time! I felt refreshed and awake, like I would have had a nap afterwards!”

J. R. says:

“The sessions were very impressive, calming and after each time I felt more in control of what I’m capable of doing. I would absolutely recommend to give it a chance. It’s difficult to explain but somehow everything feels so naturally easy after these sessions. Like if you are able to make the right decisions without any struggle.”

E. W. says:

“I found the session very relaxing, but also very powerful and I felt weirdly emotional during the session. At one point I even had a little cry because of the overwhelming sensations and feelings that the session was evoking in me. Afterwards I felt calm, positive and de-stressed. “

M. R. says:

“I felt that I was in safe hands and her calm and gentle voice helped me to feel at ease straight away. I would say to try it out and keep an open mind, because it worked for me and it could work for you too.”

M. A. says:

“Our session opened up some kind of Well of Creativity for me. I realised afterwards how I have all types of stories within me, all I need to do is let them free. The keyboard has been on fire with a lot of writing being born. Thank you again.”


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